History & General Info

ScaleSprints was started in 2004. I started the website when i got back into building model sprint cars in my early 20's. Once I started making decals, the site really started to grow. In the almost 10 years that we've been doing this there have been over 100 different decal sheets produced. We've done everything from early 80's cars to the most current stuff you can find. I say we because there is no way I could do the decals on my own. Printing has been done by 3 different people since the beginning. I've had help from ALL kinds of people when it comes to getting the artwork for the decals ready to print. Everything from some simple obscure contingency logo to almost fully completed artwork. There are a a few guys who have been around since the beginningand we get new members on the message board and new Likes on the facebook page all the time. If it wasnt for all the support and encouragement, who knows if we would still be here! A sincere thanks goes out to everyone who has helped keep us going.


I don't do this for a living. I do it for the love of model building in general and the satisfaction I get from seeing guys use our decals on some amazing model builds. I have a wife and 2, soon to be 3, children. Some of you guys know that I am partially colorblind and my wife helps out a TON when it comes to getting the right colors ready.


As far as the Radio Control Sprint Car Wraps go they basically came naturally when Team Losi came out with a couple different sizes and variations of 1/18 and a 1/10 scale sprint car. All of the RC wraps are printed here locally by Hoffman Bod Shop & Graphics I do some design work for. They are printed on a Commercial grade ROLAND printer.